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Grilamid TR90


Red monochromatic cylindrical FullRevo™


Clear Transparent


Adjustable in width


Base 7


34 Gr.

 Our latest arrival. Directly from the future. Goggle with a particularly striking look with a frame made of Grilamid TR90™. The interchangeable nose-pad in Mogol™ is soft and comfortable as well as the fit. An extra spare nose-pad is also inserted inside the case for a longer use of the sunglass set over time. There are two sets of interchangeable lenses thus to cope with any light and weather condition: FullRevo™ red or gold with total monochromatic mirror (to be used in summer or in strong sunlight) and transparent (for evening rides or during the winter season with reduced sunlight). The lens assembly and disassembly system is very simple, direct and innovative: it is a magnet. Just place the lenses on the frame and insert them. It can be done even with eyes closed. A very special thing (absolute novelty). Just like the type of lenses we use for this model: cylindrical that focus light that reflects the image in a vertical line rather than in a single point as ordinary spherical lenses do. Another very particular feature of this sunglass are the contours of the lenses (called “rims”) that can be replaced. Inside the case there are two of them: a black and a white one. Rigid shock-proof rigid case, external cardboard box, lens cleaning cloth, warranty and an additional micro-fiber pouch complete the package. Particularly suitable for those cyclists who want to be fashionable and get noticed.
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